International Marketing and Distribution

With our strong infrastructure, we provide professional services to our valued customers' foreign trade activities with our global marketing and logistics network.

Domestic and Foreign Trade Services

We are proud to be together with you by providing the best service in your international commercial activities, customs clearance, document tracking and logistics distribution needs.

Trailer & Silobas and Compressor Production

We produce Trailer, Trailer, Tanker, Silobas and Compressors that blend quality with expert workmanship and meet your needs at a high level.


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Who is TFD Industry?

Who are we ?

As TFD Industry, it has been serving in the auto industry sector for more than 30 years. Founded in 2005, it has adopted the principle of "honest trade" and serves globally in the wholesale material distribution for the automotive industry. As TFD INDUSTRY, we have combined years of experience in the automotive sector with the logistics sector and we are realizing the supply and production of products used in this sector. With the knowledge of our company over the years, TFD product group has become a global brand. Our service principles are our constant principle to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level and to provide professional service by always valuing quality.

Our Mission

Our main goals are to meet the expectations of our customers in the best way, to develop their competencies with optimum quality-price understanding, to realize with environmental and social responsibility awareness, to take a place in the sector and to be in continuous innovation for all these.

Our Vision

In the automotive industry, spare parts - heavy vehicle sales and logistics services; To be the first company that comes to mind with its strong trade title in international standards, to be one of the strongest and pioneering companies in the sector with "Quality Product", "Fast Logistics" and "Reasonable Price" policies.

Commercial Discipline

Responsibility to work in accordance with the standards.

Customer Satisfaction

Keeping the customer satisfaction at the highest level.

Quality standards

Service with the understanding of Optimum Quality-Price.

Social Awareness

Adopting environmental and social responsibility awareness.

Why TFD Industry ?

We work with the principle of professional service.

Our communication with our customers continues after the services we have provided. We are always with you, our valued customers, by providing uninterrupted service with our technical support teams.


We always value customer satisfaction with our quality products.

Before offering our products for sale, we test quality controls with the highest technology. We work with quality products and good service, which are the basic principles of our company.


We act with a sense of responsibility in our services.

We fulfill our responsibilities without interruption by performing all our services with the principle of transparency. Because for us, the value we give to our customers comes first.


We are a company that does not compromise its principles.

Thanks to its commitment to its principles, our company has been among the leading brands in our sector for 14 years. Thanks to our principles, we always aim to provide better service.


We work with sustainable service.

With the principle of professional service, we carry out all our processes with transparent and mutual trust, so we always stand behind our products and services.


We attach importance to instant information sharing.

In our global marketing and distribution service, our customers are always informed by sharing information with our customers instantly with the principles of transparency.