About Us


metiniciEstablished in 2005, TFD Trade is the extension of a family company which has been carrying out activities in the car industry sector for 30 years and provides services throughout the entire world in the distribution of wholesale materials for automotive sector by adopting the principle of “Fair Trade”.

Our company is an expert in the automotive and logistics sector, and is capable of procuring and manufacturing all types of products used in this sector. The TFD product range, which has been evolved into a brand by our company through its own know-how, has become a global brand.

With its place among the strong companies in the sector, our organization has adopted the principle of providing you with the fastest possible service by prioritizing the customer satisfaction and quality. We believe that our understanding of service will answer your expectations in the automotive sector.



  • To comply with the trade rules and standards,
  • To meet the customer expectations in the best manner possible,
  • To continuously develop our competence with the understanding of optimum quality-price,
  • To take its place in the sector by carrying out its activities with the environmental and social responsibility awareness.
  • It is among our objectives to continuously innovate to achieve all of these goals.


In the automotive sector, in all kinds of spare parts - heavy vehicle sales and logistics services;
To have a strong commercial title, at international standards, and to be the first company that comes into mind. Also, to become one of the strongest and leading firms in the Automotive Spare Parts, Heavy Equipment and Industrial Equipment Sector with the policies of “Quality Product”, “Fast Logistics” and “Affordable Price”.



  • To ensure the continuity of customer satisfaction and to increase the level of satisfaction by meeting the requirements of all customers we access.
  • To complete all works at the first instance, at every instance, and on time, by ensuring the participation of all our employees.
  • To create a fair, tolerant, respectful and devoted work environment with a team spirit for our employees for continuous training, development and improvement.
  • To carry out activities that will ensure the continuity of the notion of “good, quality product” we have established in domestic and foreign market.
  • In the products we have manufactured and in our processes, to ensure the manufacturing of “Safe Products” in addition to good quality.
  • To increase our production and extend our product range.

We do all of this to provide better and more quality services to you.

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